Emerging Technologies

Low Odour

With new technology we can now use low odour paints. These are ideal for clients that have health conditions such as asthma, rhinitis or other lung or breathing related problems. It maybe that you just do not like the smell of paint!

With Eco friendly and low odour the quality of the paint is not compromised and the Volatile Organic Compounds are very low if not zero. It is the VOC that carries the odour some people find offensive, by reducing the VOC we reduce the odour, and help save the planet.

Ecological Paint

Many products on the market claim to be eco friendly. So how can you tell which are genuine and which are just making a song and dance. The European Ecolabel is the recognised accreditation www.ecolabel.eu

The products carrying this label meet the highest environmental and performance tests. Everything is tested from raw material to application and performance. We promote the use of these products and the recycling of empty paint cans. ( over 16,000 colours available )

All paint is manufactured under ISO4001 Environmental Management System.

For details on any of the following paint please ask on the enquiry form.

  • Acrylic Durable Matt
  • Acrylic Eggshell
  • Acrylic Satin
  • Vinyl Matt
  • Bare plaster board paint
  • Flat Matt
  • Contract Matt
  • Water based Primer undercoat
  • High Opacity Matt
  • Vinyl Silk
  • Water Based Gloss

Included are paints that carry the EU Ecolabel accreditation

We believe our future depends on today's decisions.

Any surface

The way to get paint to adhere, is by using a primer. Previously the only primers were for metal and wood. The primer is designed to adhere to the surface of the object to be painted and provide a surface ready to take an undercoat. Today we can prime nearly any surface, such as plastic window frames, glass, rubber, tiles and many others.

Natural woods

Natural wood can be cleaned with specialist detergent and then made smooth ready for varnish or stain. Last summer we cleaned over 60 years of grime away from oak doors at Bottisham Vicarage for one of our commercial clients. We only needed a light sanding to provide a key for the varnish, the dust was kept to a minimum and the finish will last for years.

Rotten woods

We can treat damp and remove rotten wood and replace it. New fillers are so specific to do just one function and applied correctly you will never know a repair has been carried out. The filler we use is actually stronger than the wood we remove. However if the effected area is to be stained or varnished, then replacement wood will be needed.

Hollow plaster

Even blown plaster will be removed and repaired, the wall treated, and the problem cured. If the area that is blown is no bigger than a home satellite dish we can take care of it, however any larger and a plasterer will be required.

Copy a colour

Laser Machine

With laser eye technology, if you find a colour you like in a magazine we can replicate that colour using the picture you supply.

However it is worth noting that colours from colour cards are specific to who produced the colour card. You can not get Dulux paint from a Crown colour card for example. The paint companies trademark their colours, so they are specific to them.

When you book a survey with us, we can send you a free colour card to help decide on your theme - click below to organize a quote and simply add your request for a colour card to your message: