It is the quality of work, the attitude and professionalism of Peterborough Paint that bring our clients back to us. Our interior works and exterior projects are hopefully the start of a long lasting relationship. These are pictures of our work from clients' properties.

Click each picture to see a larger example and see below for our comments.

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Picture a

A beautifully decorated toilet and landing, using a spring yellow colour in the toilet and a buttermilk on the landing. Who it was that left the seat up i don’t know!

Picture b

Foliage covered these doors. After a lot of preparation and gardening we were able to achieve a great finish.

Picture c

Talking of foliage, if you click the picture to see the full sized version, an inset picture shows the mass of ivy we had to remove before painting could begin. The house was hidden underneath! With the foliage gone, the skip full, and the house painted, the client said “that’s the most gardening that has ever been done at this house.”

Picture d

As you pull onto the drive after your journey home, a big white glossed garage door greets you. This needed filling, repairing, 2 undercoats and one top coat.

Picture e

We were once asked to paint an oak staircase; after we showed this picture to the client they changed their mind. You can see why....

Picture f

A listed building kitchen, back in fashion they tell me. At least the paintwork went well. So much great wood work - real craftsmen built this.

Picture g

The entrance to your home should shine. It is the first thing a visitor sees! So we fill all the holes, smooth all the cracks and hey presto.

Picture h

This lead guttering on a Grade 2 listed building is part of the University of Cambridge. We were asked if we had replaced it with UPVC. Amazing what a clean and 3 coats of paint will do.

Picture i

Fresh and vibrant French Doors. The client then said “I suppose you had better do the rest.” Sometimes we bring in Harry Potter, he waves his wand and the rest is done....

Picture j

A front door stained with a water based Eco stain. No smell and fast drying, the finish isn’t bad eh...?

External Walls


There are two types of paint for external walls, one is water based the other oil based. Both offer great protection and colour. This is one of the few times when we prefer oil based; it can stand up to a rainy night when painted that day.


Smooth or textured finish, you decide.

Pro Tip

Start the painting at the bottom and work upwards, anything dripped drips onto a painted wall. Work from the top by cutting in first then use a roller with a masonry head and work bottom to top, left-to-right or right-to-left. Do one face at a time. Get someone to foot the ladder, use a ladder-cage to help keep you away from the painted surface.

Fences and Sheds

Applying just 2 coats of a good shed and fence paint/stain can transform your garden and the look of the property. Fence colours available on request.

A Message from Andrew

Whether we are quoting you for interior or exterior work we have had plenty of experience. The colour choices are yours and transferring that imagined look into a reality is our job. We love what we do whether working outside or inside.

Thank you for taking time to browse our site.

Andrew Walpole

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